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Most attractive and convenient IT activities for application sourcing.


According to recent computer economics surveys, application management is one of the most attractive and convenient IT activities for application sourcing. In response to the needs of modern enterprises, we have focused on creating a comprehensive offer that makes your applications relevant, accessible and smooth. Our application management services include application monitoring and performance management, support, enhancement, event, patch management and more. We operate in a number of industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, banking, retail, telecommunications, travel and hospitality.

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Our Application Management Services:

We take a complete look at the processes and keep you updated on the current status of your applications and provide detailed reports on implementation plans, implementation activities, and actions presented.

1. Application monitoring and performance management:
  • Even a 100 millisecond delay of website load time can affect the conversion rate by 7%.
  • The average loss of revenue due to one hour of inactivity is 000 21,000.
  • The average revenue loss due to 1 hour low performance is 4,100.
  • Sites with sluggish performance experience a steady 28% cart drop rate.

We can help you maintain the proper performance of the applications that are critical to your enterprise. With comprehensive monitoring functions, our team detects and resolves emerging recessions and failures before finding end users.

2. Application Troubleshooting

We resolve issues with your critical applications regarding specific bad behavior, slow request handling, runtime errors, component availability, and poor data quality.

3. Application improvements

We manage requests for smaller and more significant application changes, and assist with the release of updated versions of the application.

4. Application optimization

We help ensure that your applications exist with changing business needs and goals. Our consultants provide a detailed overview of your applications and relevant business processes for updating applications (introducing automation and integration, porting to new technologies and platforms, and reorganizing solutions) in line with updated business policies, data and workflows.

5. Change management and training services

To provide a smooth switch to upgraded systems, we provide a comprehensive change management plan (including full test coverage, risk analysis, and post-launch review), review and training services. We work with your IT team to assist them in preparing for the management of updated applications. In addition, by providing step-by-step guides, on-site training, and workshops, we ensure that your end users are confident with the latest system versions or functional extensions and know how to use them productively and efficiently.

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