Property Management

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Technology and information management are becoming more and more important in property and facility management.

1. Real estate management

By collecting your real estate data from a single structured and centralized source, you will immediately delete existing spreadsheets and local administrations. This ensures reliable quality of data and makes your real estate costs transparent. The solution supports all real estate processes for owners, tenants, customers, and commercial service providers to maximize the financial, technical, and operational performance of the real estate and ensure full compliance with the organization's strategy.

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2. Document / photo storage

You want to keep all your documents wherever your workday takes you, and you can do so when unlimited storage becomes available. There is a place to keep everything where you need it. Imagine being able to attach images and documents to each work order when a task is completed, so you never lose time when you have to pay your taxes. You can upload pictures of the lease and your rental property per unit, at no extra charge. Upload your property photos once and use them repeatedly in your online vacancy ads and flyers that email you.

3. Expense Tracking

Never miss a deadline. Colorful reminders provide a visual display so you can see how fast the money is coming in, and the ability to print checks from the software makes it easy to pay bills on time. Our Property Manager software makes it easy to pay your expenses, upload any invoices or receipts, enter payment information, and print checks. Your expenses and owner reports will be automatically populated from there. No need for expensive property management accounting software, our system will allow you to focus on growing your business.

4. Move in/ move out

It is easy to switch from prospective tenants to current tenants to older tenants, and the rent can be auto-projected. Do not worry about roadblocks, we will bring you around them. Transferring tenants from one rental unit or rental property to another is a snap, and can be done automatically when any transfer charges are added to their account. Payments can be made while your tenant has their paycheck by changing the rental term. We will even show you the next automated rental posting date for easy tenant communication. Enter their current balance balance and security deposit or any escrow balance for prepaid rental, we will track it from there.

5. Tenant payments

Online tenant payments can be instantly posted to their account and they can print their own receipts. Our online tenant payment portal allows you to set a fee based on a per cent per tenant to cover your processing costs. On the off chance that you choose to enable the tenant's portal by entering their email address, the software will automatically send a link to their account on our tenant's portal site.Tenants can then login whenever they choose and view their statement, make a payment, or request maintenance.

6. Owner reporting

Owners of our property management software should be in touch with what is happening on their property. Owners will receive a secure link to their reports using the onsite as property managers enter new information into the software. Do not print more reports and mail them at the end of each month. Owners can choose to view and print their own at any time.

7. Paperless work orders

Enter your work order information, attach any required photos or documents, and the system will send you an email or text message containing all the information your vendor needs. Vendors can see all the information relevant to their work order, including the attached attachments and notes you provide. Allowing them to see the tenant's contact information is optional. Vendors can complete the work, provide notes, complete the work order on time and expense, and complete the task. You can see when their entries occur.

8. Role based permissions

Onsite Property Manager gives administrators several options for managing account permissions. Users at a company level may have access to rental property manager software, or be limited to specific properties. Do not allow access to all your properties, only give access to the property for which your property managers are responsible. Property maintenance staff are only allowed to view their tasks and unit maintenance histories. Grant additional permissions to your owners if necessary so that they can view daily activity information.

Extra Features:

  • Record a tenant transaction
  • Add or view tenant notes
  • Print a tenant statement
  • Move in a tenant
  • View a unit flyer
  • Update rental unit details
  • Update tenant details
  • Print bank deposit slips