Room Automation System

Room Automation System

SMART BUILDING -Building Automation

With the right building automation, our customers gain good indoor climate and low energy consumption.

With lengthy experience in control and monitoring systems for technical building installations, such as ventilation, heating and cooling, we offer smart, simple and energy-efficient solutions for building owners in all sectors.

In consultation with clients, we design and provide everything from turnkey systems to modernization and rebuilding of existing systems. We reduce operating costs for your buildings and thus raise their value

We offer

  • Energy surveying and energy analyses of buildings, as well as suggestions for corrective measures and with pay-off times on investments.
- Follow-up of energy consumption after energy measures are implemented, optimization.
  • Easy access to technical building installations via web-based PLC systems for monitoring and adjustments to operating times and temperatures.
  • All assistance in managing your systems and optimizing your IT environment.
  • All assistance in increasing productivity of the applications.
  • 24*7 support

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