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We are not just another web hosting company. We strive to provide outstanding, brisk and steadfast hosting services which are backed by our technical experts round the clock.

Web hosting is a service that permits associations and people to post a site or page on the Web. When Internet users want to see your website, all they have to do is type in your website address or domain in their browser. Their computer will connect to your server and transfer your web pages to them through the browser. If you do not have a domain, hosting companies can help you purchase one.

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Here are some features:

  • Email accounts
  • FTP access
  • WordPress support
Types of web hosting services:

There are different types of web hosting services to host websites. Before doing web hosting services, understand what type of service your website needs, what kind of server your business needs and your budget.

Hosting options available are:

1. Website Builders

Website builder services are a type of hosting service for beginners who need to host a website, but do not have the technical skills and knowledge to build one. Website builder services usually provide an online browser-based interface to build your website, and host the website for you without additional setup.

2. Shared Hosting

In a shared hosting environment, your other website owners have shared a server. This includes sharing the physical server and software applications within the server. Shared hosting services are affordable because the cost of running the server is shared between you and these other owners. However, there are several downsides, such as slowing down.

3. Dedicated Hosting

In a dedicated hosting environment, you own the entire web server. This allows you to perform faster because you have all the server resources without having to share it with other website owners. However, this also means that you are fully responsible for the operation of the server. This is a good choice for websites that require a lot of system resources or require high security.

4. Collocated Hosting

In this type of hosting, you buy your own server and place it on the host of a web host. You are responsible for the server. One advantage of this type of hosting service is that you have complete control over the web server. You can install any scripts or applications you need.

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EyeT Innovations provides high-quality services including web design, web development and digital marketing. We guarantee that all our Website design development projects are not only developed using the most cutting edge technologies but also they're created through a human-centered design process.
A website is the extension of your business in the virtual form and it represents your business at its best. We don't just construct websites, we build websites that promote your business to the right audience. We give a perfect and artistic look to your website in order to make it more attractive for your visitors and make it highlighted in the virtual world.
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    Your website is arguably your most important marketing asset. From mapping out your site, you can ensure that every part of your website is reinforcing your goals.

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    Providing the best user interface(UI) design can bring value to your business. In short, our design will help your website feel seamless & simply provide greater convenience to your users.

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    We build creative development services to our valuable customers marking their inevitable presence in the World Wide Web of enterprise level.

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    Analysis process covers the technical validation of a web's HTML implementation as well as analysis of the web's planned or existing content and design.